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  Welcome to the Herbalists of the Emerald Blade (HERB) guild website.

     A message from Guild Master Basil Glassmeister...

We are an honorable guild in the realm of Eternal Lands. We welcome players of all levels and only require the game-wide minimum of level 20 or higher in any one skill. We frown upon bagjumping, begging, scamming, luring, and malicious PK (although honorable PvP is okay).

For more information on joining HERB, or to report a dispute with one of our members, please contact Basil, Zilding, or Cyrrast in-game.

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Lycron to soon return (so long as he figures out his linux box, LOL)

Jimmy007, Nov 19, 13 12:22 AM.
Hello to everyone, sorry I have been gone for so long, I have had ISP problems, for SEVERAL months now, and now that, that is all resolved, it seems my linux box wanted to take a dive into the deep waters of the unknown, but never the less, I shall have it back up and running here soon, and shall be back, I just have to find my wired keyboard and mouse lol...

Hope everyone is doing well, and from what I see, our Guild is doing good, I can't wait to get back into the game...

See ya soon...


New Recruit: Eshe

Rainpetal, Aug 16, 13 6:02 PM.
Everyone welcome our newest recruit, Eshe, to HERB.

New Recruit: SlayerX

Rainpetal, Aug 10, 13 9:29 AM.
Everyone welcome our newest recruit, SlayerX, to HERB.

New Recruit: KidRaccoon

Basil.Glassmeister, Aug 7, 13 5:59 PM.
Everyone welcome our newest recruit, KidRaccoon, to HERB.

Basil Returns!

Basil.Glassmeister, Jun 30, 13 11:28 PM.
I am still determining just how much time I can spend on EL...but I can tell everyone it will be more than the zero play-time I put in the last few months. I just moved and got a new job. My computer got setup this weekend and so i am back on. I will be getting back up to speed in the next couple weeks and make a promotion or two to make sure we have officers that can change rank and all that good stuff...

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